Offering Food and Family Fun in Pigeon Forge

Start your morning off right with a fun-filled meal at Frizzle Chicken Café! We are so much more than just your ordinary breakfast spot. Our family friendly restaurant in Pigeon Forge serves up delicious, Southern-style breakfast and lunch with a side of fun. There won’t be a minute of boredom during your meal as you watch our animatronic singing chickens!


Getting Our Frizz On Since 2017!

What does “Frizzle” mean, you ask? The Frizzle is a breed of chicken. Frizzles tend to be a docile, gentle, and quiet breed. Frizzle Chickens have unique feathers that curl outwards instead of lying flat, and they’re mainly exhibition types of chickens that are kept primarily for the show ring. But, ‘round here, we know the Frizzle is the superstar chicken — the queen of the roost, so to speak! Our Frizzle Chickens will keep both kids and parents entertained throughout their whole meal.

Visit us at Frizzle Chicken Café to enjoy our Frizzle Chickens as much as we do!